In a surface context of work, SOLIDWORKS do not suggest any solution of ''separate''. It is possible to sew several surface bodies to form one of them but the reverse is not possible directly.

It is necessary to pass by several handling by using various functions SOLIDWORKS :

  • To duplicate surfaces which one wishes ''to undo'' by selecting them all and by using either the function of seam, that is to say the function of offset of surface by forcing a value of offset of 0 mm.
  • To hide the resulting surface bodies which are superimposed on the original bodies.
  • To again erase the faces duplicated on the original bodies by selecting them all.
  • To make reappear surface bodies created.

The objective of the utility is to propose to the user an interface which enables him to fulfill all these functions in an automatic and transparent way.

 Caution : when the model 3D evolves it does not have there automatic update of the geometries from the tool. To update information it is enough to start again the tool.

The interface proposes two modes of ''separate'':

  • To separate the bodies in several surface bodies.
  • To create surface bodies by face.

As selections, the tool UnsewBody you indicates the number of bodies created.

It is possible to regulate some options.

Naming of the bodies : A name is automatically affected with the bodies created. These bodies are arranged in an also named folder.