This heading makes it possible to manage the position of the properties of the folders of sheet metal in the views create (below or in the center of the unfolded views).

The name of the part can be also displayed between the view and the property, useful for example for the parts with only one voluminal bodies.

This heading makes it possible to manage:

  • The posting of certain columns in the list of the selected files.
  • The creation of notes during creations of the views for cuttings laser.

To click on “To manage the columns“to add columns.


5 columns are displayed by default and cannot be removed.

To click on “To add“if you want to supplement information. It is possible to add one of the furnished information by SOLIDWORKS or to enter a property presents in”the article of the welded parts“.


The column width can be regulated while double-clicking on the value.


In any event it will be always possible to modify, in a dynamic way to the manner Windows, this width.


Here an example of result with a column moreover:


Concerning material, it is always the affected material with bodies which will have priority compared to affected material at piece-rates.

Example :

The affected material at piece-rates is different from that affected with bodies of sheet metal, one displays well each material associated on the bodies.