By choosing this kind of column, one can recover information of a personalized property of the document SOLIDWORKS. For this kind of column if you modify the value in the nomenclature, it will go up automatically in the document 3D.

One can use the character ''$'' to recover the name of the property as well as the character ''&'' in order to concatenate several properties.

For this kind of column, and only for this type, you can define a list allowing to propose values during the modification of the nomenclature.

The fact of informing the field ''Value by default'' makes it possible to put, in the column, a value if the property of the component were not indicated. If the field remains empty and that the property was not indicated in the file 3D, then the column will remain empty.


It is possible to use the conditional one (IFF) to recover properties. Syntaxes are identical to the use in the tool SmartProperties.


Syntax ''IIF'' can be used in capital letters or in small letters ''iff''. The character ''|'' is obtained by the combination of the keys ''AltGr'' and ''6''. To recover a property to place the character ''$'' in front of the name of the property (case sensitive).

Example : IFF($Material=Steel|Polishing|Painting)

If the property” Material'' is equal to ''Steel'' then the cell of the column will be equal to ''Polishing'' if not the cell of the column will be equal to ''Painting''.