In SOLIDWORKS, It is possible to name only the new documents, since they are recorded it is necessary to create a new file to be able a document rename.

This setting makes it possible to manage the automatic naming of the documents SOLIDWORKS with the value of a property, even if the open document were already recorded.


  • Filter :

The filters make it possible to define to which type of file one applies this option. For that it is necessary to pass by the button “filters”. For example if the type “Assembly” is not checked SmartProperties will not take into account the options of renaming. 


  • ''To display a message if the document rename cannot''.

If the document were already recorded the name of the file cannot be modified. By checking this option one can display a message pointing out it will be displayed when the property of naming of the document changes with SmartProperties.


  • ''To create a new file when the property changes''.

For rename a document SOLIDWORKS, it is necessary to create a new document. This option will create a new document with new name. In this example one tests the property “Description”.

Two possible options:

    • ''In the current directory''.

The file will be created in the same folder which the document to which one applies SmartProperties. A message of confirmation of the recording of the file is displayed. If the option ''To record copy-under'' is checked a copy of the document east is created with a new name without replacing the active document.


    • ''To select the site of the file'' is then checked the two other options are grayed. When the property changes, this dialog box will appear during the validation of SmartProperties (see To record under).


  •  ''Recording automatically in this folder''.

This option will make it possible to record the new documents in the specified folder when the option ''To force the recording'', is checked.

It also makes it possible to prédéfinir the folder of recording of the new file during the use of the dialog box “To select the site of the file”.

Instead of specifying a site with  it is possible to recover the value of a property by using the character ''$'' in front of the name of the property.


  • The following option allows rename folders of weldment by recovering the value of a property.