By clicking on the icon  a window ''Windows explorer'' opens in which we go rename documents. For rename the documents it is possible to use rules of namings, it is then necessary to use: ''Rename with ProjectExplorer 2016'' since the contextual menu (right click).

Example : Let us re-elect the files parts by modifying the first 3 characters.


Selection of the files directly in the window then right click and ''Rename with ProjectExplorer 2016''.


A clic must on the folder also allows rename automatically all files which it contains:

The tool ProjectExplorer bracket them rules of naming defined in the interface, in fact replacement of the first 3 characters by ''000''.

The result is displayed almost instantaneously.


The document can also renamed beings manually via Windows:


The references will be put up to date same manner:


It is also possible of rename a folder manually in Windows by updating all the references of the files of the folder: