This method is available only in the context part. The goal is to create plans by repetition according to a step and a number.


One can select an existing plan, a face or a plane surface. (See examples).

It is the name specified in options of naming which makes it possible to create names of the various folders, the plans and the sketches.

The plans and the plane faces selected are naturally regarded as unlimited and thus are not obliged to cut the entities graphically to be crossed.

The tool will be based on the selected plane entity. The user regulates then the step and the number of desired plans.

To reverse the side of the creation of the plans, it is enough to click on the icon .

It is possible to click on the icon  in order to create the maximum of plans ranging between the selected plan and the entities to be crossed. In this case the number of plans is grayed and the number is calculated automatically.

In all the cases, by checking this option , the utility will generate all the plans out of mirror of those calculated.