•  To create a reservation of numbers:

It is possible to define a range of numbers which will be reserved for a later use or to sub-contract part of a design.

The numbers will be reserved starting from the current counter. I.e. that if the last number used of the counter is 10200, by holding a range of 1000 numbers for the subcontractor, the following value of the counter will display 11201.


The name of the reservation is recorded (extension scxml).


This file could be imported after use by the subcontractor.

 A message announces you modification of the next value of the counter.


If the subcontractor does not use one of the Visiativ tools, it will be necessary to generate to him a file of reservation to format CSV. It is possible to ask the opening of the file generated format CSV.


  •  To import a range of reservation:

When one clicks on this icon one charges one with the exported files. It is necessary to select the file of reservation which had been generated (.scxml).


A visualization of the personalized list is presented and especially the following value of the counter to be taken is given.

Before having the outline, messages of information can appear according to the reservations charged:

    • If a reservation of numbers already exists (validation or not of the importation)
    • If a counter with the same identifier already exists (impossible importation)

  • To visualize the reservations:  

By clicking on this button it is possible to visualize all the reservations created for a counter in order to check the starting and end values of the numbers being able to be taken by the subcontractor.

In the following example one sees that 2 reservations were made on the counter “Client_2” (simple counter):

    • For the reservation “Visiativ_2” 1000 numbers were reserved, the starting number taken will be 00 and the last which could be used will be 999.
    • For the reservation “Visiativ_1” 500 numbers were reserved, the starting number taken will be 1000 and the last which could be used will be 1499.

Thus the next starting value of my counter will be 1500.

By clicking on this icon  it is always possible to export the file of reservation in a file with format CSV.

A zone of research full text makes it possible to filter posting in order to search a number, a character string, a value, etc…


For advanced counters (cumulative standard) one also finds the list of the reservations as well as the zone of research full text.


By clicking on the heading of the column, it is possible to sort out the order of posting of the elements.