This framework makes it possible to define a list of profiles and to inform all the elements to be cut out. To reach this window the icon should be used , It is also possible to open a project already recorded with the icon .


  • To add elements :

- To add elements manually :

To click on the icon ''To add a flow to the project'' makes it possible to add elements in the lists of the flows.


Once the added element, it is necessary double-to click in the column ''Section'' to display the pull-down menu comprising the list of the bases of profiles.

If you have several bases of profiles (Several files .csv), they will appear all in the pull-down menu.


To select the desired section and to modify the ''Length'' and the ''Quantity'' in double clicking on the corresponding columns.


It is also possible to apply a color to the reference mark:

  • In double clicking on the corresponding cell.
  • By selecting several reference marks then “right Click”, “Selection” and then “To modify the color”


  • It is possible to randomly allot a color for all the reference marks by selecting a line then “right Clic”.


This color will appear then in the report for more visibility on the cuts.


To click again on the icon ''To add a flow to the project'' to add a new element.

It is possible to modify the columns defined in CuttingOptimization, to see the paragraph ''Management of the columns''

- To add elements starting from a table of weldment :

The icon ''To import a table SW'' makes it possible to create a project by recovering the elements of a table of weldment SOLIDWORKS.

See the paragraph ''Creation of a project since a table''.

  • Dimension of the angles :

It is possible to define an angle of cut for each profile. The value will be function of the option selected in the '' partMachine & bars''.


The cuts ''Left angle'' and ''Right angle'' is defined according to the following rule:


  • Positioning :

During the use of the cuts in angle, it is possible to specify the orientation of the profile.


To specify an orientation, to select the profile and to check the option ''To specify the orientation''.


- The pull-down menu  allows to select the type of the profile.


These images is under folder in the folder of installation, you can add of it if the list is not appropriate to you.

- Icons  allow the rotation of the selected profile.

- The drawing represent the blade.

Creation of an image of orientation of profile.

You can create your own images of section.

For example we will create the icon for a APORE_angle profile.

With this intention you must follow the following steps.


  1. To put the form in an application (SOLIDWORKS Example).
  2. To color in black vis-a-vis revealing.
  3. To make the squarest possible capture, near to 100 pixels on side. On the other hand it is necessary to leave a white band all around the black object. Here we materialized the edges of the image by a rectangle which should not be present in your image. I.e. that the object made 80x80 pixels what leaves 10 pixels around.
  4. In an editor of image, if necessary to make a redimensioning of 100x100 pixels.
  5. To record the image with format PNG in the folder:

C:\Users\ <Name> \ Documents \ myCADtools \ CuttingOptimization \ Fr \ Sections --> for the French version

C:\Users\ <Name> \ Documents \ myCADtools \ CuttingOptimization \ in \ Sections --> for the English version

This new profile will be available in Standard pull-down menu the “of the profile”.