In selection mode of entities, all the entities SOLIDWORKS are selectable.

There exist 5 types of selections of entities:

  •  Selection of individual entities of sketches 2D or 3D or geometries 3D.
  •  Selection of 2D sketch or 3D.
  •  Selection of contours external of a face.
  •  Selection of interior contours of a face.
  •  Selection of a contiguous chain of entities.

After selection of a kind of selection of entities, it is possible to activate or disable the following filters of selections:

  •  Summits of the geometries 3D and the entities of sketches 2D and 3D.
  •  Points of 2D sketch or 3D.
  •  Lines of 2D sketch or 3D and geometry 3D.
  •  Circles of 2D sketch or 3D and geometry 3D.
  •  Arcs of a circle of 2D sketch or 3D and geometry 3D.
  •  Ellipses of 2D sketch or 3D and geometry 3D.
  •  Centers of arcs of ellipses of 2D sketch or 3D and geometry 3D.
  •  Curves.
  •  To disable all the filters.
  •  To activate all the filters.

In selection of individual entity  and of 2D sketch or 3D, all the filters are available.


In selection of external contours  and interior of a face, only the following filters can beings used.


In selection of chains of entities , it is not possible to apply a filter of selection.


On the other hand with this kind of selection (Chain of entities) and only with this kind of selection it is possible to use “To select the loop” suggested by one clicks right on an entity.


Example of selections:

  • Selection of individual entities 

It is possible to obtain coordinates 3D at the same time features of sketch and stop model. In this mode, the selection of a feature of sketch or one stops automatically creates an annotation of coordinates at each end of the selection.


  • In selection of sketches 

Only the sketches are selectable, the selection of a sketch involves the automatic creation of all the points or points of ends contained in the sketch.


  • In selection of external contour 

Only the ends of contour external of the face will be created.


  • In selection of interior contour 

Only stop them internal with the face will be annotated, if they are circular entities, then the coordinates will correspond to the centers of the circles.


In selection of chain of entities 

Only the contiguous entities can be selected.


If the selection is not contiguous, a warning message appears.