A chain is by defect found with the opening of tab. The folders of chain can be removed or renamed.

  • Creation of a group of dimensions: 

The creation of a group of dimensions, called ''Chain'' can be carried out in two ways:

- By clicking on the button  ''To add a chain''.

- By making a right click in the window of selection and ''To add a folder of chain''.


- For rename a chain, to make a clic right on the folder of chain and” Rename''.


  • Insertion of the dimensions in the folders of chain:

- To select the chain created then to select, one by one, the dimensions in the graphic part, those will be automatically placed in the selected chain.

- By a right click on the folder of chain and” To add the selected dimensions''. For this making, in tab the ''Tolerance'', to choose by a ''Ctrl+C'' dimensions among the list of the dimensions selected in tab.


- To check the option ''All dimensions'', the dimensions will not be inserted in the folder of chain but all will be taken into account at the time of calculation. In this case the part reserved for posting of the selected dimensions will be grayed.

 In an assembly, only the dimensions create in this assembly are taken into account.


  • Tolerances in micron:  

This option makes it possible to calculate the values maximum, mini, average, by considering that the tolerances are not in the unit of the document but in micron.

For example if this option is checked the tool “Tolerances” will interpret the reading of the tolerances as follows:

- The tolerance of the dimension of 15 is of +ou- 1 micron.

- The tolerance of the dimension of 50 is of +ou- 5 microns.


  • Suppression of the dimensions in the folders of chain:

To remove a dimension in the folders of chain, there are two possibilities:

- To select the dimension and to remove it with the button ''Suppr'' of the keyboard.

- To make a right click on the dimension and ''To Suppress the selection''


  • To record/Open a favourite of Chain: 

- It is possible to record a favourite of chain to re-use it during a forthcoming calculation on this same document.


The button  ''To record a favourite of chain'' reveals a window to name the favourite.


 This favourite is inserted in the document SOLIDWORKS, it is necessary well to think of recording the file SOLIDWORKS to save the favourite.

The button  ''To open a favourite of chain'' makes it possible to open a folder of chain recorded (provided that the document SOLIDWORKS on which it was created either open).