With this option, it is possible to select the dimensions manually or to use the filters of selection.

  •  Manual selection of the dimensions:

- The selection can be realized directly while clicking on the dimensions in the file part.

- Or by using the buttons within the framework ''Selection of the dimensions'':


You have the possibility of selecting all the dimensions of the document or only of the specific dimensions:

 To select only the dimensions linear.

 To select only the dimensions of diameter.

 To select only the dimensions of ray.

 To select only the dimensions of angle

 To select only the dimensions ordinal.

 To select only the other types of dimensions.

 Advanced selection (see below).

  • Advanced selection:

The button   allows to add renamed dimensions.


- Option “Dimension renamed” : Allows to retrieve only the dimensions renamed manually by the user.

Renaming of the dimension in SOLIDWORKS:


- Option “Dimension with prefix” or “Dimension with suffix” : Allows to recover only the dimensions in which a prefix or a suffix was added by the user.


Addition of a prefix on the dimension in SOLIDWORKS:


  • Management of the selected dimensions:

- It is possible to select one or more dimensions and to remove them with the button “Suppr” of the keyboard or to remove them with the right click of the mouse and ''Unselect''.

- It is also possible to visualize the dimension in the 3D. The dimension is then ''framed'' in the SOLIDWORKS window.