By a clic right it is possible either to add the active document in SOLIDWORKS (part or assembly), to select the files that is to say to be processed starting from the explorer of files.

When the following message appears…


… that means that:

  • Either the part does not comprise a function of sheet metal (voluminal functions only)
  • Either the part comprises many functions of sheet metal but the function “Lists welded parts” was not updated.




In the case of a part comprising several bodies of sheet metal, these articles will appear in the list. The various thicknesses will be also visible for each bodies. Several files can be selected while clicking on “To traverse to add a document“.


In the case of a comprising assembly of the components with functions of sheet metal…


… the list reveals a tree of construction identifying all the bodies of sheet metal contained in the various components of the assembly. It is then easy to check or not cuttings laser to be taken into account for the treatment.


Presentation of the columns (addition of column, column width, properties,…) can be regulated in tab options.

According to the place where the right click of the mouse is made, one finely contextual authorize certain actions.