Using the buttons  and  one builds a list being able to point on files of various formats.


These files contain the coordinates XYZ or RΘZ and comprise 2 or 3 columns for the Excel files. Concerning the files with the format text it is necessary to indicate the character having to be taken as separator in options.

Each file of the list will create one or more elements of geometry. Indeed in a file the utility ''CurveData'' processes the lines the ones following the others, if a blank line exists the values located after are regarded as generating another curve.

It is possible, since a window Windows Explorer, to make slip a folder into this window. All the files, to the authorized formats, present in this folder are automatically added to the list.

If this folder contains folders and that the option ''Recursivity of the folders'' is not checked , the files of these sub-folders will not be added to the list. To take them into account it is enough to check  ''Recursivity of the folders''. In this case all the files will be added to the list.

Then it is necessary to select it type of curve.