One can select:

  • That is to say contiguous faces or not. The selected faces must belong to the same bodies.

To select faces the filter should be activated  (selection ON),  (selection OFF).

In the image above one selected 6 faces of the surface bodies to obtain 4 distinct surface bodies.

If the option is checked  one displays the outline of the bodies in creation with a range of colors (attention makes it check this option can slow down the computing time).


The final result is reported in FeatureManager.


  • Either contiguous edges belonging to the same body. The selected edges must form a closed loop. In the case of surface bodies, they must form a loop closed by including the external free edges of surface (without being obliged to select them).

To select edges the filter should be activated  (selection ON),  (selection OFF).

Examples of various cases of selections of edges:


If the selection of edges does not form a closed loop and that there are no free edges being able to close this loop, a message indicates that no bodies can be created.


If the selected edges are contiguous with free edges, then a solution is found and the bodies can be created.


One can thus separate voluminal bodies or surface bodies in two distinct bodies while selecting either:

  • A set of contiguous faces separating the bodies in two parts.
  • A set of contiguous edges separating the bodies in two parts.