For the 2 modes “Measures” or “Including Box” it is possible to define the name of the properties to be created. For that it is enough double-to click in the corresponding cell of the column ''Property''.

The units are those defined in the options of the document SOLIDWORKS.

 To use the horizontal arrows of the keyboard to move the cursor in the cell.


The last column makes it possible to check or uncheck the properties of the table in order to specify those which will be create for the “document” or for “the active configuration”.

This last column is not present in the mode “Box Including”. The 3 properties will be, by default, create.


Example 1 : I launch the tool “EntityProperties in mode “Measures” I select the voluminal bodies and asks not to create the property “Density”, I validate the function. Only the 3 other properties are created in tab "Personalize" part.



Example 2 : I launch one second time the tool “EntityProperties” in mode “Measures” I select two edges while specifying to create the properties in the “active Configuration”, I validate the function. The 2 properties are created in tab the “Specific ones to the configuration” for “Plaque 80”.