The utility TaskPlanner allows to plan the launching of certain utilities of the continuation myCADtools.

This utility makes it possible to program one or more tasks by specifying the date and the desired hour. It gives also the possibility of defining a periodicity of execution for daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

It is possible to prepare a group of successive tasks such as for example updating properties of models (BatchProperties), to create their drawings (SmartDrawing) then to print them (PowerPrint).

Features of “TaskPlanner”:

  • To plan it launching of tools myCADtools on date and desired hour.

     - To convert the files (BatchConverter)

     - To modify the properties (BatchProperties)

     - To translate drawings (DrawingTranslate)

     - To launch a project of integration (Integration)

     - To print your files SOLIDWORKS (PowerPrint)

     - To create your drawings (SmartDrawings)

     - To update the files (UpdateVersion)