The task “To translate drawings” (DrawingTranslate) allows automatically to translate whole or part of the annotations contained in a drawing. This translation can be realized on the active document but also on a complete folder comprising of drawings (See documentation “DrawingTranslate”).

Once selected, a window opens to parameterize the task.


  • Elements To be processed :

Once selection of the files and/or the folders to be processed (See selection of the files and folders) you obtain the following panel:



  • Setting of the task :

To open the setting of the task, to click on  .


This window makes it possible To choose the language of the document and that (s) of translation (s). It also makes it possible to parameterize all the options of translations (See documentation “DrawingTranslate”).

 Once setting carried out, to click on the button “To memorize” to save these adjustments.

  • Planning :


After having parameterized the options of the utility and having saved the adjustments, you can plan the task (See “Planning”) and to validate while clicking on “OK”.

The spot is validated and appears in the list ''Task to be processed''.