For the importation part, you can select one format of file for each conversion.


Filter of selection:


To select in the list of the filters the format of the file which you want to convert into file SOLIDWORKS.


Foot-note : if you are on the filter DXF you will be able to add only files to the format DXF.

If you wish to make imports several formats different, it is necessary to select “All the files of importation”.


Selection of the documents:


  • The button  allows to add a complete folder in the window of selection. One can choose one folder.
  • The button  allows to add one or more files in the window of selection.
  • You have also the possibility of making slip the files since the Windows explorer towards the window of selection.
  • During the selection of a folder, one can ask the utility to take into account under folders:  .

Once the adjustment of options of importation carried out, to launch the treatment while clicking on the button  .