This utility places at your disposal a set of tools to help you to more easily manage the contents of your assemblies. TreeManager you allows to carry out sorting and rankings in the tree of the assembly, automatically to assign colors to the components, to create simplified configurations easily and to manage the visibility of the components while filtering on personalized properties.

Features of “TreeManager”:

  • To alphabetically sort out the components in the tree of assembly, creation date or date of modification.

  • To gather components in folders according to personalized properties or the selection of the components in the tree of assembly.

  • Hide/Show components selected or compared to the personalized properties.

  • In options, it is possible of to specify a certain number of parameters such as : To create a display state for the components “Hide/Show”, To create a configuration for the components in removed state, to choose to recover the general properties or of a configuration and to apply the colors to the level of the component in the assembly or to the level of the part.