UpdateVersion allows to convert automatically and into time masked the documents SOLIDWORKS in the last version of SOLIDWORKS installed on the station (number example of version SOLIDWORKS 2013). It is particularly useful when one migrates towards a new version of SOLIDWORKS.

  • Conversion is optimized.
  • Conversion applies to all the documents SOLIDWORKS.
  • Options exist for the reconstruction and the repositioning of the component.
  • Advanced options of updates are proposed.
  • Management of drawings to the “Detached” format.
  • Management of the memory and the errors.
  • Connection to an vault EPDM if the files are located there.

It is necessary to launch the utility ''UpdateVersion“since the menu "Start" of Windows or the bar of tools ''myCADtools utilities''.  

  • A window of warning appears warning you that, after conversion of the files, it will not be exploitable any more with a more old version (not of flashback). You will be able however to carry out this safeguard in the options of the utility.

 Make a safeguard of your files before conversion. You will be able however to activate, in the options, one safeguard files before their conversion.


The interface UpdateVersion be displayed then.

In tab the ''Elements to be processed'' to select the files or folders to convert in order to obtain a selection of this type:


Then adjust the following two tabs:

Then "Apply" in order to launch the treatment and to if required ask one report.