This window must ALWAYS remain visible. It can, however, being reduced  in order to take up less space with the screen, this one will then come to be placed in bottom on the right of the screen:


This window gives certain information concerning the files analyzed in the zone of action and mainly the references external which are not valid.

In the example above one can see that 10 parts and 1 assembly have missing or invalid references.

A menu bar makes it possible to regulate, dialogue or display information in the low part of the window (zone of events):


 Icon allowing to return in the page of setting in order to start again a new analysis.

 Icon allowing to display the warnings, in the column “Reference”, detected by the analysis. These errors result from the analysis of all the files contained in the zone of action. Below errors were detected, for example, the file part:

''G:\Samples\Samples myCADtools 2017\CleanProject\Dossier vrac\050-Ensemble poigne frein.sldasm''

Contains an invalid reference towards the file part:

''D:\Mes Documents R&D\Samples myCADtools\Samples 2015\020-BatchProperties\Pieces\020-Rivet poignee frein parking.sldprt''


 Icon allowing to launch a window ''Windows explorer'' in the folder defined for the analysis in order to to move, or rename files or folders (while remaining in the zone of definite action).

 Icon allowing to parameterize them rules of naming to apply to selected files.

 Icon allowing to specify the name and the folder of the file of log of the errors of links found in order to keep the trace of it.

Icon allowing to remove the contents of the lower part of the window (zone of events) like resetting the column “References”.


As long as the tool ''ProjectExplorer'' is active and that this window is visible, all events carried out in the window ''Windows explorer'' of the folder or the analyzed sub-folders will be noted in this zone (creation of folder, files renamed, removed files…).