During the launching of SmartProperties on a document assembly, one finds in ''To show the properties of:'' name of the document on which will be applied the properties and on which option of configuration.


As for the document part one will be able to apply properties to the components of the assembly while clicking on the component in the tree.

You will be able to thus modify the properties:

  • Components of the assembly
    • Part and assembly


    • Multi-selection of components by using the key “Ctrl”


  • Articles of welded parts
    • Simple or in multi-selection

The data entry form is defined in setting SmartProperties. One finds by default a data entry form different for each type of document.

In this case, the bug () is useful so that SmartProperties remains displayed after the application of the properties and power to modify the properties of several articles of parts welded without starting again SmartProperties each time.

Since the context of the assembly it is possible, by making a right click of the mouse on a component, of launching the tool SmartProperties directly since the icons of the contextual menu. The selection of the component (part or assembly) can be carried out either in the graphic zone, that is to say in PropertyManager.