When the columns must point on certain properties, those can recover:

    • That is to say personalized properties of the document SOLIDWORKS.
    • That is to say properties specific to the configuration.
    • That is to say personalized properties, except if this property exists in the configuration

This choice can be combined with the extraction of the properties defined in the tack welded folder if they exist.

Concerning the properties specific to the configuration, it is possible to refine the choice.


Indeed, when one asks for a nomenclature on selected components starting from a folder, one can recover:

    • The values of the properties clean to the configuration activates processed document.
    • Values of the properties of a configuration named in particular.
    • Values of all the configurations of the processed document.

The interest to use this functionality is to extract and export a list with the Excel format with all the properties, then to modify the values directly in the file in order to modify all the properties of the documents listed with the tool ''Integration'' of myCADtools.

 by checking this option you authorize the modification of the values of the properties directly since the nomenclature generated by SmartBom. This option is active only if you authorize the modification of the values in “Setting of the columns“.