This zone makes it possible to define the number of fields and the properties to be inserted in the bullage.

- Many fields :

In SmartBalloons, it is possible to insert an unlimited number of fields in the balloons.

For this example we will insert 3 fields.


- Property (s) and “Type” of properties :

  • To define the property or the text to be inserted, the property can be manually defined or in the list of choice.


  • For each field, it is necessary to choose the type of the fields to be recovered, the selection of certain type can gray options of bullage.

   This field can be of type:

    • ''Text'', the text entered in the field will be displayed.
    • ''Properties'', the displayed text takes the value of the property, if this one exists in the component one selected.
    • ''Number of article'', the displayed text recovers the number of article of a tack welded element.
    • ''Quantity'', the displayed text recovers the component count identical.
    • ''Reference of component'',

For this example, one recovers in the fields:

1 - The name of the file, in the list of the properties.

2 - Manually the property “Code_Article”

3 - Manually the property “Material”


Concerning the style of the bullage, it is possible to activate or not the return to the line between 2 displayed fields.

 allow to insert the property below the preceding one.

 allows to insert the property after (without jump of line).

The activation or not of this return to the line is done while clicking on this icon.

- The property “Code_Article” will be inserted below the property “File name”.

- The property “Material” will be inserted below the property “Code_Article”

- Insertion of the bullage :

In options, the box ''Manual balloon'' is checked, therefore I must select the components on drawing to insert the bullage.

Here the bullage for this setting of properties:


It is possible to record the fields in a file “.txt” to re-use them in next a bullage.