Since myCADtools 2019 SP2 when you downloaded the setup you must decompress the file and launch the installation.

When this installation is finished, with the next launching of the software SOLIDWORKS a window will require of you to activate the licence myCADtools. This registration is done automatically in connected mode. See the video below for better understanding. Take care to activate them subtitles.

In order to use the tools of the continuation myCADtools, you must ask for a code near our services in order to register them.

You have several solutions to register the licences of the tools.

With the opening of SOLIDWORKS, the complement myCADtools takes care and the following window appears with the message “ No licence is recorded ”:


  • For the tools of the continuation myPDMtools, e-mail is sent automatically, you will receive your code by return.
  • For the tools of the continuation myCADtools:
  • For the tools SolidWatch, a link redirects you on the page “”.

Once the code in your possession, it is enough either:

  • To click on “ To open ” in order to point on the file received (example myCADtools 28-11-201.Lynkey). The key of registration is inside.
  • To make a Copy/Paste of the code received in order to insert it in the window “ To add a code of licence ”.


If the Copy/Paste is valid, a green arrow invites you to click on the button “ To register ”. The licence appears then in “ List of your licences ”.

Proceed in the same way for each tool or the continuation of tools for which you must register them. You can thus have licences for “ SolidWatch ”, “ myPDMtools ” or even “ PDM Gateway ”. If the list of your licences is too long, you can filter posting on one of the products:



By clicking on the heading of one of the columns, you can order posting according to the order ascending or decreasing listed licences. This obviously can be combined with the filters of posting.

Different icons can appear with codes colors allowing an identification of information:

Information for the exploitation of the data of a vault PDM with certain tools myCADtools.

All the utilities of the continuation myCADtools are not developed to be used in an environment PDM. To profit from this functionality, it is imperatively necessary to have:

  • Installed SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • Installed the continuation of tools myPDMtools 
  • A licence of registration myPDMtools 

If you are not in this situation, a message will appear during the use of certain utilities of myCADtools.