myCADtools 2021 SP0:


Tool for construction of name:

       BG107894: The concatenated property does not use syntax SOLIDWORKS but the value into hard.

       BG112561: Incorrect file name generated with advanced rules of namings.

       BG112715: When the value does not exist in the pull-down menu, an error is turned over.

Tool for selection of file:

       AM106749: To add the comment of check-in the options of check-in.

       BG107025: The dissolution or the treatment of a folder PDM with a filter does not function correctly.

       BG109818: The use of the filters on properties uses the value rather than the evaluated value.

       BG109829: The columns display syntax SOLIDWORKS rather than the evaluated value.

       BG112131: The analysis of drawings PDM takes into account all the versions and not only the last version of the references.


       AM106368: Addition of the information checked for the view of the assembly also.

       BG108681: The views displayed by AssemblyBoard do not correspond to the good configuration.


       BG101869: Format U3D was withdrawn because there does not exist any more in SOLIDWORKS.

       BG112118: File name generated incorrect and restarting of SOLIDWORKS during the treatment with the option - To create a file for each configuration.

       BG112123: Incoherent behavior if one applies 2 times the treatment without closing the tool with a particular setting.


       AM109164: To Suppress the format of date in the options of BatchProperties.

       BG108042: After update in SP2, certain stations preserve options of modifications of the Toolbox options of the documents.

       BG109015: The properties of the types IFC are not available any more in BatchProperties.

       BG111247: The addition of property with BatchProperties on a file in version 2021 creates a property of type equation.

       BG111671: To display a clear message with the reading if the file does not contain a personalized property.

       BG111777: The reading and the application of the properties on a file 2021 do not function.

       BG113491: Problem creating empty properties


       BG109234: To modify the message which is returned when one tries to reach Lock and that the access is refused because the address Web is not correct.

       BG109791: Error with the insertion of a component CADENAS on SOLIDWORKS 2021.

       BG111732: The file is not generated with insertion when the folder contains Korean characters.


       BG109443: Impossible to create a file of copy of parameters with files of parameters in reading alone.


       AM74751: Improvement of the report - To improve returned repetitions the small identical lengths.

       BG105620: Times of the card of time are to zero in spite of the fact that the base either correctly well informed.

       BG105655: In a particular context, it is impossible to obtain the card of supply and times in the report although they are checked.

       BG72243: Automatically to amalgamate the lines of profile and identical lengths.

       BG73188: The selection of a group resets the orientation of a profile.

       BG90646: At the time of the addition of a table which contains a description with a Ø, the value of the Ø replaces the length.

       BG98731: Impossible to recover the active document again.


       BG106748: DrawingTranslate does not file the files at the end of the treatment in spite of the activated option.

       BG110384: Impossible to use the tool in PDM.


       AM107882: Addition of a planning mode of the update of the database.

       AM95433: Addition of the possibility of sharing the database FindDocuments.


       BG46283: Addition of an operation to be able to remove the empty properties for example to remove the empty properties create by the Excel importation of blank cells.

       BG73037: The Concatenation type do not take into account the options of configuration.

       BG73039: The button To record does not act on last saved file MCAT.

       BG99776: When the file could not be modified because it is in reading alone (for example a file in the vault and the option to extract not activated) to indicate the reason in the report.


       AM106298: Integration of the launcher FindDocuments to launch a research since LocalHelp.

       AM110834: Addition of a tool bar in the window of edition add-modify-to remove and assemble-descend the elements from LocalHelp.


       BG112534: The update of a configuration does not function.

       BG112566: Impossible to create a new configuration.


       BG108586: ProjectExplorer does not function with SOLIDWORKS 2017.


       BG106584: ProjectManager does not create the same tree structure of folder.

       BG107971: With the edition of a rule of naming, if a condition were regulated on “Contains” then it becomes “Equal”.

       BG109674: After treatment, the extensions of the plans rock into tiny (from now on the original breakage of the extension is preserved).


       BG106204: Modification of the method of connection of the tool to SOLIDWORKS.


       AM104372: Addition of an option not to generate the plan when there already exists.

       BG107649: Problem of safeguard of the options.

       BG107832: Impossible to use SM with SOLIDWORKS 2016 (the problem was related to the model of document by default which was in version 2017).

       BG108713: The displayed label is not any more the good as soon as a document is added.

       BG108886: With the first use, the addition of a document functions but it does not appear in the tool.

       BG110462: The generated sheets are empty with the option SOLIDWORKS to display the dialog box sheet format with the addition of a sheet.

       BG113504: The drawing created by SheetMetalManufacturing is generated in USA projection


       AM106310: To recover the properties personalized definite by the option of the list of the properties by default.

       BG100261: SmartBalloons makes plant SOLIDWORKS with the automatic bullage on the drawing of a part.


       BG112540: The extraction of the tack welded articles does not function on a file SOLIDWORKS 2021.


       BG67804: The duration of the autosaving is modified after use of SmartDrawings.

       BG78520: To display in the report an error when it is not possible to create the view in an unfolded state.

       BG93269: After use of SmartDrawings to decline the sheets, the generated sheets are in projection the USA.


       AM104680: To take into account the units of length for surfaces when one forces the units in setting.

       AM109530: Property “Selection of material”, not to apply material if it is already affected with the document not to modify the appearance of the part.

       AM84544: At the time of the click on the button folder PDM, to explore the folder rather than the folder relative.

       BG104057: The modification of a simple text in dynamic menu functions but setting is not saved, after validation the simple text is always present.

       BG107654: The properties of the types IFC do not function any more.

       BG107847: Problem on the obligatory information for the dynamic menus.

       BG108810: The catch of a counter in mode SQL functions only once by session as from the moment or a number was taken on another station for a particular base.

       BG109333: In the case of the use of an automatic counter, if the automatic counter is based on a value of a dynamic pull-down menu the displayed value is incorrect in the mask.

       BG109404: The dynamic calculation of the conditional types on the other hand does not function when one changes a value in the mask SmartProperties, the value created is good.

       BG110731: The option to apply to the document and all the configurations does not function for the material selector.

       BG112012: The values are not put up to date with the type Execute in the mask when the property is applied to the document and all the configurations.


       AM85705: Modification of the interface TaskPlanner.

       AM8692: To have a message if the launching of the task TaskPlanner does not launch out at the desired time.

       AM9556: At the time of a click on the columns, the tasks are not displayed in the good order.

       BG106731: BatchConverter does not function in TaskPlanner.

       BG106938: Resolution of anomalies on the carryforward of the tasks.

       BG112080: UpdateVersion is not closed after launching with TaskPlanner.

       BG112099: TaskPlanner mixes the tasks in failure and success.

       BG62317: The options of the tool for selection of files are not copied in the task TaskActions (options PDM).

       BG62336: Modification of the method of duplication of the repeated tasks.

       BG72431: The hour of the tasks is modified by the hour to which the task is launched.

       BG113511: Deleting a weekly task using the Delete key instantly reappears