Optimize the daily tasks 

With the continuation myCADtools gain in quality and productivity in all the scopes of application thanks to more than 50 utilities integrated into SOLIDWORKS in order to:

  • To conceive
  • To put in plan
  • To manage the projects
  • To produce
  • To manage
  • To use



The Councils relating to the use of aid

  • To use the “Browser “Chrome” for a correct posting of online help.
  • To select a heading:

Use the summary tab and navigate through topics and words containing a hyperlink.

  • To carry out a research:

Click on the tab To search then enter a term and click on To search. Select a heading and click on To display.

Create Boolean research using operators AND, GOLD, NOT and NEAR (AND, OR, EXCEPT and ADJ).

Select To search in the preceding results in order to use only the headings found before for following research. This option enables you to refine your research by adding keywords.

Select To scan for the similar words to put in intensified brightness the similar words in the found headings. For example, if you search “parts”, you will find headings containing “documents parts” and “properties in the parts”.

Select To only search in the titles to find only the headings whose title includes the keyword.