myPDMtools 2019 SP1.1 - November 2019 :


       BG85036: Impossible to import a file XML SmartCounter in a base SQL

       BG86895: The tasks RevisionsTable and TaskActions are empty after update in SP1


       BG85251: The option of export STL to record all the components of an assembly in only one file is not preserved

       BG85252: Impossible to make an export STL of an assembly


       BG85899: The window DynamicList does not pass to the foreground when one displays the record card since an office application

       BG86867: DynamicList does not function in mode SQL if the base accepts only the requests which respects the box


       BG85220: The icons of the tool for selection of the files are reversed between the parts and assembly


       AM85989: Addition of an option not to take a SerialNumber with the check-in

       AM86376: Contextual addition of the menus to copy the name of the buttons Update and Increment

       BG53479: Problem of cooling of the Windows explorer during the use of the buttons

myPDMtools 2019 SP1 - October 2019 :

Addition of a new tool

       AM77648: PDMPropertiesCard allows to inform the variables of the cards of data of the files or folders PDM masses some in a mode simplified and more visual for the user than the tool PDMProperties.


       AM79338: Addition of compatibility with SOLIDWORKS 2020

       BG74784: Problem of posting of the windows when one has two screens and that the window arrives outwards

       BG81661: The creation of a base SQL SmartCounter does not function any more

BG81726: Impossible to recover the name of the Flow of work in the tool for concatenation of the variables


       BG74406: In mode First level, the export of the PDF of drawings does not function for the assemblies


       BG76155: Impossible to copy the files starting from a list of a textual file


       AM30080: Addition of the possibility of gathering the documents which have the same value of attribute in a sub-folder

       AM40538: To disillusion the button Addition of document advanced even when there does not exist folder

       AM46964: Addition of a button to sort out the files in the alphabetical order

       AM48509: Addition of an option to manage the doubled blooms of file

       AM48510: To add options of numbering of the PDF

       AM48558: Export in a folder: Addition of an option to generate a file summary with format PDF

       AM48559: Addition of an option to create a guide before each file exported with format PDF

       AM61916: Generation of the PDF since files image (JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP)

       AM67049: Addition of bookmarks PDF for the page of the summary and the flyleaf

       AM63904: Addition of the possibility of creating under groups

       BG66886: Impossible to put an UNC way for the site of the generation of bundle

       BG69796: The filigree image is replaced by the way of the image in mode tries

       BG70083: To manage the characters prohibited for names of the generated files

       BG70110: Impossible to generate a zip out of vault

       BG74732: The referred files of drawings of the assembly of head are not added at the time of the addition of advanced document

       BG77943: Impossible to so select favourites at the time of the opening of the window the file or folder in memory does not exist any more


       AM67994: Addition of export eDrawings to generate files

       BG71058: If the change of state is activated and that nothing is indicated in the information of flow, to put a message in the task in error

       BG72547: Impossible to use the character |I#LayerName| in the option of research of the old files to move them under folder

       BG75340: The option to remove the files removes even the new generated files

       BG80056: During the removal of the files while searching with part of name, the suppression does not function if the site is out of vault


       BG76364: Impossible to select files apart from the vault to create a dynamic list starting from the version PDM 2019


       AM41603: To check the nonup to date children some either extension (operation: Control of one nomenclature to the last version)


       BG74987: The recovery of an address e-mail since a variable PDM does not function

       BG75762: The links does not function if the name of the vault contains a space


       AM63862: Addition of an option to read the variables in all the configurations for application in all the configurations

       AM64556: Addition of options of check-in PDM

       BG80251: The option of crushing of the last version does not function in PDMProperties 2019 SP0.1



       BG70129: Addition of a message automatically to start again the explorer at the time of the addition or the suppression of a report.

       BG80260: Error with Excel export since PDMReport


       AM62470: Addition of the possibility simply of opening the Excel file in the results without recording it

       BG62400: Impossible to create a favourite in mode: Research in the structure of a file

       BG62431: The columns do not display the variables in mode: Research in the structure of a file


       BG32222: The change of state of the documents does not function RevisionTable

       BG75314: Impossible to insert a table of revision on all the sheets with *


       BG68831: Impossible to define the site of SmartCounter since the tool SerialNumber


       AM80288: To process the SOLIDWORKS plans in the last to be able to copy modified attributes of the 3D in the 2D

       BG76746: TaskProperties processes one file in multi-selection

       BG84550: The option for rename the plane documents with the name of the 3D is always taken into account

       BG84549: With the option for rename the plans with the name of the 3D, the operation fails if the plan does not have references 3D

BG84557: The tool re-elects the empty file if the value of renaming is empty


       BG74537: If connection SQL is not indicated, it is necessary to make a PDMRestart after having validated connection so that TraceWorkflow functions.

myPDMtools 2019 SP0.1 - April 2019 :


BG70882: Instability of the option of update of the revisions in DataRecovery.


BG70721: Impossible to define the name and the site of the bundle of document with variables, all the options are grayed.


AM72524: Not to put the task in failure when the file name to search to move it under folder is empty.

BG71273: The displacement of file takes into account the way at the time of the research of the files to be moved with the rule of research (out of vault only).

BG72092: It misses syntax to define the name of the file with the name of the exported layer.


BG70845: PDMProperties solidifies when one checks Under folders if there is no folder in the list

BG70849: Impossible to use a file CSV to import a list of folder


BG71277: Random problem on the concatenation of variable PDM of the Microsoft Office files.

myPDMtools 2019 SP0 - March 2019 :


AM69934: Taking into account of the root of the vault in the choice of the folders to be processed.


AM13174: Automatic restarting of the tool DataRecovery to release the memory of the tool.

BG56128: Impossible to create a small DataRecovery if the name of the vault contains a space.


AM69836: Generation since a task, automatic mapping of the variables of the first file of head in the map of data of the temporary bundle.

AM69613: Generation since a task, for the choice of the configuration taken into account of the character joker *

AM69612: Generation since a task, addition of the option of taking into account of the files ‘To use in’ as in the advanced addition of documents.

AM69611: In the addition of advanced document to take into account the files “to use in” also for drawings SOLIDWORKS.

BG69604: Impossible to apply during the selection of folder in the window of addition of advanced document.


AM66755: Management of the configurations for export SMG.

AM        66267: Addition of the options of export PDF available for the products Office (bookmark for Word, quality,…)

AM64773,50681: Addition of the export of the Publisher files, PowerPoint and Visio in PDF.

BG69133: Impossible to move the old files generated under folder with the rules of namings (numbering and name defined with variables of the file)

BG        68734: Export Draftsight, export with the options of the version 2018 does not take into account the options of format.


BG        68773: Mode SQL, Taken into account of the characters ‘present in the pull-down menus.


AM        69582: Addition of a button to test connection SQL.

BG        69246: The tasks DocBundle and PDMmessage create a task by file during a change of state.

BG        69244: Impossible to use two tasks in the same transition, the parameters of the first task are used in the second.

BG        65709: In the tool of naming and concatenation of variables, Instability of the options of extraction of characters of the variables PDM.

BG71488: If a file is several times during the same change of state, it is processed several times.


BG        70008: The first column “Name” of the table is not customizable.


BG68863: After treatment, the files are not withdrawn from the queue.

AM        68800: Addition of the choice of the version of SOLIDWORKS in PDMRebuild.


AM        69445: Addition of syntax #KeepSOLIDWORKSInformation not to modify the column of the table SOLIDWORKS.


BG70178: SmartCounter requires connection to the vault PDM to calculate the automatic counters related to the variables PDM.


AM69664: To manage the open renaming of the files in reading alone in SOLIDWORKS.

BG        69671: Impossible to modify Microsoft Office files with TaskProperties in certain vaults.