When the interface of a tool myPDMtools prompts the user to fill in a field that will allow you to define a name, a PDM attribute value, a search folder depending on the tool you are in.

This tool will retrieve the following information:

       - PDM variable value of the current file

       - Parent folder PDM variable value

       - Variable of the first referenced document, e.g. the 3D file from a drawing

       - Counter with the common tool myCADtools, myPDMtools SmartCounter

       - System variables, e.g. file name, status, location, ...


For each type only part of the value can be recovered with the following options:


Cutting :

By checking this option a part of the retrieved value is kept, provided that a separator character exists.

The separator character is defined and then the number of the field to be retrieved is specified (1 being the first field).

For example:

If the value to be retrieved is the file name and the name is PR-0015-Internal-032the kept value is Internal for a defined index of 3.

Once the format string has been created, elements can be rearranged by moving them with the mouse by a simple drag and drop.