4 Recipient types can be selected :

  • 'Fixed addressees' - here it is enough to specify the e-mail address(es). These addresses can be :
    • are entered manually
    • are taken from the list of 'Users / PDM Groups' by clicking on  


 Result :


  • 'Recipients defined in a PDM variable' - just select the variable from the list present.


  • 'Recipients according to a condition' - here you can enter a condition or compose a concatenation (see Attribute Concatenation) in order to send a message to recipients based on this condition.


For example, in the window above, a message will be sent to the members of the PDM group Validation provided that the variable PDM INDEX is equal to Index0.

  • 'Recipients by location' - here you can enter a folder in the document vault to send a message to recipients for all the documents in this folder. You can check the Take into account sub-folders if need be.


When all these definitions have been added, they are in the list and will therefore be applied during processing. So here we have defined 4 rules. They can be reordered by clicking on the buttons Arrow up or Down arrow.