1- Create a model documentary package

This bundle will contain all the options you wish to use to generate your bundle:

    • Type: PDF, file
    • Name and location
    • Options
    • Structure and files you always want to export

2-        Create a bookmarks advanced document addition

Each document will be analyzed and added to the bundle via an advanced document addition with its dependencies according to the rules defined in the favorites.

Attention if you test it in the template, remember to remove the advanced document addition in the template, otherwise it will always be exported.

3-        Create a task myPDMtools DocBundle type and choose Create and generate a bundle automatically

    • We choose the type of analysis:
      • File and Dependencies: Scans and adds according to the Advanced Document Add Favorite all file dependencies that change state
      • File or Folder: Adds according to the Advanced Document Add Favorite all files that change state without dependency

                       In the case of a folder an option is available to scan subfolders

                       In the case of a CSV file, it will be scanned and the files or folders filled in will be scanned.

    • Choose the previously created bundle template file
    • Select the Advanced Document Addition Favorite Create