In this planning mode, you can edit a list containing all the documents to be processed.


This task will process a list that will be defined by the user

Filling in the list of files :

This list can be filled by another myPDMtools task of type: 'DocPublication - Add file'.

This second task will add the files to be processed to a selected list (which may already contain files waiting to be processed).

This task can be triggered from the context menu or in the workflow .

The parameters of this second task are :

- The name of the list to be filled in

- Added context menu to add files to the list from Windows Explorer

You can also add to a list of files to be processed from the toolsPDMSearch, AdvancedBOM 

Triggering the task:

To trigger the task, the PDM planning tab must be set:

When the task is started, all the files in the list will be processed and exported with the options defined in the task