File type :

Condition compared to the source file, it can be of type SOLIDWORKS, Excel , Word, DWG, DXF or All.

With this option you will be able to define different names and locations depending on the type of file to be generated.

Export type : Condition in the generated export format.

With this option you can define different names and locations depending on the export format.

Name : Name of the generated file.

For each of the values Name and Location you can either write the information directly, or construct them by concatenating the values . For more details on this feature see § . Field type.

Location :

The directory that is specified here can be :

  • Either a Windows directory for external distribution to the vault.
  • Either a PDM directory in order to save the file to the vault.

Replace special characters :

Choice of the character to be used to replace special characters for file names and locations.


Special Characters matches the characters forbidden in Windows to name a file or folder