myPDMtools 2021 SP0.1 - December 2020 :


       AM113367: Added compatibility with SOLIDWORKS 2021 for myCADtools tasks.


       BG113103: Values are not available if several conditions are added without specifying a value.

       BG106276: The value of the 4th criterion is not displayed until you start the search and return.

myPDMtools 2021 SP0 - December 2020 :


       AM112330: Product migration in 2021

AM108520: Display a message when the add-in fails to launch a tool to request a restart PDMRestart

       AM111905: Display the login dialog box when the logged-in user does not have access rights to the myPDMtools options



       AM70835: Use the open Windows Explorer login to connect CacheRefresh to the PDM vault and perform archiving operations with this user without entering the password in the myPDMtools administration.

       AM70835: Added an option to launch a Windows Explorer to initiate automatic login if using an AD login or PDM auto login.


       AM69788: When extracting all properties, remove the use of the model and gray the Excel model path.

       AM84381: Added the possibility to filter the export on an extension for the Excel extraction option.

       AM85949: Added the ability to export multiple named configurations.

       AM94197: Create a single report if processing takes a long time and the tool has to restart automatically.

       BG108212: The processing time is calculated until you click to open the report.

       BG108213: Add the version of myPDMtools to reports.

       BG109259: The Replace existing files option no longer works.

       BG112778: Report not generated if slot contains a space character.

       BG48882: Show information in reports if the file could not be modified because of rights (File in a report with a prohibition to modify).

       BG98342: Copy File to Vault - Display a message if the path exceeds the Windows limit of 256 characters.


       BG107537: Cannot use the 'Use In' file search mode in the advanced add document mode.

       BG107540: CSV file analysis in task mode no longer works.

       BG107570: Cannot use bumper and duplicate file mode in task mode with files already in the document bundle template.

       BG110902: Error when generating a bundle containing an Excel file.


       AM108684: IFC export added in DocPublication.

       BG107349: Since DraftSight version 2020 the export with options higher than 2018 does not work anymore.


       BG112086: PDMCheck does not retrieve the file locally to retrieve the document and map icon when the result is displayed.


       BG110079: The variable filter does not work and filters all documents if the configuration options have not been opened and validated at least once.


       AM105494: Added configuration options for applying variable values.

       BG109123: Unable to select a file to add its data card to the PDMPropertiesCard list.


       BG106550: When launching SOLIDWORKS the extraction options of the Addins PDM are not unchecked.


       BG110593: When you click OK, if you have not added/modified the report, display a warning message.

       BG110594: If the SQL connection is not parameterized, the parameterization is lost.

       BG112084: Unable to add the query Where are the variables in the vault used? .


       AM108251: Add the possibility to launch DocPublication between two TaskProperties actions.

       AM110130: Be able to change the status of documents in case of failure and or success of the TaskActions task.

AM111769: Added option to allow TaskActions to be triggered when right-clicking on a folder.



       AM112767: Add the possibility to define the text with the variables of the processed file.

       AM112768: Add the ability to set the text buffer font.

       AM112843: Add the possibility to define the buffer position.

       AM112936: Add the ability to set buffer transparency.


       AM111767: Added a type for valuing folder variables.

       BG112070: If the SQL info is not filled in it does not put the information in the report for updating variables according to the parent folder.