This mode will allow you to create a custom table of selected items to be copied with customized information.

We can define in the table for each :

  • Variables on the data card
  • Links

To do this, simply add an advanced link :



Select the template or create one with the buttons .


In this mode, CopyLink uses the tool PDMmessage which is also available in the tasks

Select one of the sending options. For the example, I leave the option Open mail without sending it.

Then we find in the context menu of Windows Explorer the new menu that can be launched on a list of files.

  • Result of Opening the mail without sending it

This email includes all the information defined in the template: the recipient(s), the table listing the selected files. The subject of the mail can still be modified before sending the message by clicking on .


  • Automatic sending of the mail.

In this case the result of the above email will be sent to all recipients provided that they have declared them in the template used.

  • Copying items to the clipboard.

For the example with CopyLink, the clipboard can be used or pasted into an email, a Word document or any other need. This clipboard will contain the elements Introduction, Table and Conclusion (not the subject of the message).