myPDMtools 2020 SP1.1 - August 2020 :


BG105313: Cannot use DocBundle if a bundle references files or the user does not have read rights.

BG104928: Error when generating in folder mode with recovery of existing files

BG104157: Inconsistency in the result when using the Add option to take into account only the drawings that reference the configuration used in the assembly

myPDMtools 2020 SP1 - July 2020 :


AM102100: Added compatibility with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021.

BG101774: Unable to load a myPDMtools task favorite.


       BG99847: Unable to change the message template.


       AM99523: Dependencies => moving the option that finds the file that best matches the folder structure of the old reference in the Dependencies interface.


AM102346: Added an option to take into account only drawings with the same name as 3D when adding advanced documents.

AM102598: Added the ability to use calculated properties in condition values.

AM103497: Added an option to take into account only drawings that reference the configuration used in the assembly.

BG98951: DocBundle crash if when adding advanced documents, documents are added to a folder with an incompatible format.


       AM98782: Added the ability to remove documents from the DocPublication list.

AM98783: Added the possibility to take into account the version in the management of duplicates in a DocPublication list.


BG100772: Date fields are not visible for the query: All operations for a specific user and date.

BG100797: PDMReport error when using a report with two identical queries but with different parameters.

BG101879: Problem of dates taken into account for the request: To-do list.


BG99495: Crash PDMSearch randomly by clicking on the conditions.


       BG99602: The Measure icon in eDrawings has been removed as it does not work.


BG98952: In TaskActions mode, the Revision Table tool does not close SOLIDWORKS.


AM99163: Added a new action to insert a stamp on an existing PDF.

BG101467: PDMMessage notifications do not work for TaskActions tasks.

BG101807: When you click several times on a TaskProperties task, sometimes it gets empty.

BG102422: Cancel extraction of the file if the TaskActions task fails.

myPDMtools 2020 SP0 - May 2020 :


New DragToPDM tool:

DragToPDM is a new tool in the myPDMtools suite. By a simple drag and drop, the user can integrate files to the vault in various folders using rules on extensions, variable values/properties. Files can also be automatically checked in during import.

Attribute concatenation tool :

AM92210: Added the ability to use a string for slicing in the advanced variable options.

AM94236: Added the possibility to use -1 when cutting to start from the end.

myPDMtools options :

AM86836: Added a general option for choosing which SOLIDWORKS version to use.

AM95220: Added menu to access myPDMtools options from Windows Explorer in PDM tools.

BG88887: Cannot create a SmartCounter from the myPDMtools option interface.

BG92351: Unable to reload option files from older versions (2015).


AM69606: Added the ability to recreate the tree structure when copying files from a CSV file.

AM84463: Performance optimization for file copy operation.

AM90871: Add a test if the Excel file does not exist for the Data Card Inquiry operation from an Excel file.

BG83781: The report shows 100% success when files could not be archived.

BG84465: When the tool is not closed, all reports are in the same folder.

BG87528: Warning message when you want to quit the tool after the processing is finished for the dependency analysis operation.

BG87774: When creating a folder, if processing is stopped, the window disappears but processing continues.

BG96272: Card information from Excel files. In the case of folder creation, if the folder contains points it is considered as a file and is not created.


AM29985: Added a way to export a file or folder without parsing references in tasks.

AM61914: Added the ability to generate PDF files from DWG-DXF files.

AM69734: Added the ability to create a document bundle when right-clicking even if a file is selected.

AM75942: Added the ability to generate a bundle from a task from a list of files in CSV format.

AM80044: Block validation if the Extension option is checked but no extension is entered.

AM84196: Added the possibility to use other types of office files (PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio).

AM84197: Added DocPublication export options.

AM91053: Generate the steps by activating the configuration defined in the assembly.

AM91329: Added an option to set the language of the document bundle independently of the myPDMtools options.

AM91725: Added the possibility to use a counter in the bundle name.

AM96227: Do not stop the generation of the bundle if there is a generation error and make a report.

AM98135: Support for HTML files for conversion to PDF.

BG74714: Consider files Used in run only for STEP files when set to last position.

BG84187: Do not export empty groups.

BG84199: Bookmark creation does not work if there are files in folders that use automatic bundling.

BG84200: Document bookmarks are lost when creating the table of contents.

BG84201: Automatic groups are retained when switching from PDF mode to Folder mode while the option is unchecked.

BG84755: Cannot use signed files in DocBundle.

BG87282: Error during generation in folder mode if the ZIP option is checked and the creation of the table of contents is unchecked.

BG90828: The use of filters on extensions does not work if the filter option on Variable is also checked.

BG91323: Error when using the duplicate file option.

BG94830: In folder mode with the watermark option, PDF files added to groups in generation mode are not exported.

BG95064: Bookmarks in the DocBundle tree are not created if a summary is not created.

BG95088: Bookmark creation does not work if there is a multi-level tree structure.

BG97404: When using the advanced document add-on the configuration of sub-assemblies is not taken into account in the reference analysis.


AM14572: Be able to launch DocPublication from a list in a CSV file.

AM37685: Add an option to position the stamp in the center of the sheet or from the lower right corner.

AM96177: Added option to force SOLIDWORKS file generation even if references cannot be retrieved locally.

BG90377: When using the Move to subfolder option, if the move fails then the file remains named _tempDocPublication.

BG92985: If the scheduled mode is checked and the option Execute immediately is checked, nothing happens and there is no message in the task.

BG94230: If eDrawings export is not enabled and a SOLIDWORKS export is performed then the successful files are not present in the report.

BG94363: PDM crash when processing more than 500 documents.

AM98513: Added option Use local cache version in file list processing mode.

BG98516: The Use local cache version option is not supported in task mode.


AM62769: Added the ability to collapse the DynamicList window when adding a list.

AM90175: Automatically maintains the following values in the dynamic menus when an empty value is changed.


AM61396: Added the ability to retrieve unused 3D documents from the vault with no flow conditions.


BG84479: PDMMessage cannot currently be disabled in the PDM context menu.


AM76887: Allow the use of ',' or ';' characters to define different filter extensions.

BG87527: Do not make the drop-down menus scrollable without first selecting them.

BG96471: The Contains filter does not work in PDMProperties.

BG98176: Old archiving options are not retrieved.


AM80258: Highlight the entire line when selecting.

AM80299: Add to the context menu the possibility to delete an action.

AM80300: Cannot delete an action list with the Delete icon.

AM80301: Add the ability to Copy/Paste actions.

AM80302: Added automatic time concepts for reports requiring to choose a date.

AM80303: Add a message indicating that the task must be re-opened to access the schedule.

AM80305: Added the possibility to add a counter in the PDMReport name.

AM80885: Add user choice for querying files that have changed state.

AM81990: Add a query to get all completed tasks or a selected task.

AM84391: Added an option for the Duplicate Files query.

AM93002: Combine PDMReport result with PDMMessage to notify the result automatically.

AM95316: Access PDMReport options from the task interface.

AM95317: PDMReport Interface Modification - In the myPDMtools options.

AM95318: PDMReport Interface Modification - In Tasks.

BG80268: Planting in PDMReport in a special case.

BG80306: Unable to use scheduled reports.

BG84851: An extra button appears in the interface when PDMReport is started from the PDM options.


AM58452: Added stop the Search.exe process in PDMRestart.

AM92813: Support for PDM folders when reopening Windows Explorer.


AM96482: Added eDrawings toolbar.


BG90709: Obtain part locally for conversion and fail the task when the file referenced by the drawing cannot be obtained from the local cache.


BG88028: Windows Explorer on Windows 7 crashes when clicking a button to take a SerialNumber.

BG88035: SOLIDWORKS crashes when clicking a button to take a SerialNumber from SOLIDWORKS and a non-extracted file.


AM61679: Integration of DrawingTranslate (myCADtools tool) into TaskActions.

AM66598: Integration of PDMRebuild with TaskActions.

AM78002: Added the ability to rename documents that have never been archived when dealing with non-CAD documents.

AM81177: Added a renaming condition of type Does not contain.

BG93695: Problem displaying TaskProperties and DocPublication empty in TaskActions.


AM72993: Added option for reading and applying property.

AM81176: Added a group condition of type Does not contain.

BG89766: When using TaskProperties with free variables, the list of variables of the group conditions should not be restricted to free variables only.

BG93169: If one of the values in the parent folder does not exist, the following values related to variables in the parent folder are empty despite values in the map.


AM56746: Reversing the zoom direction.