This option allows you to check file names against .

The button allows you to add a parameter.

  • Location :

Select the folder containing the files to be checked with the button followed by the extension of the files to be tested (EX: *.sldprt)


  • Concatenation :

Enter parameters for file name control.


In this box, it is possible to add variables and functions via the drop-down menu.

The button opens the selection menu.


It is also possible to enter text.

In this example, the name of my files should be :


Variable 'Description' The value of the variable 'Description'. (Ex: Support plate)

Text: One dash

Variable 'Item Code' The value of the variable 'Item Code'. (Ex: 230-08)

Text: One dash

Function '.Year' : The year (e.g. 2014)

Example file name :  

All documents that do not match these parameters will be listed in the scan window.