This icon allows :

  • To specify the configurations on which the variables will be retrieved and applied.


For example, you can retrieve the values from the configuration '...'.@to calculate the concatenation and apply it to all configurations.

If you use read 'From all configurations' and apply 'On all configurations' the values for each configuration will be calculated independently.

Two types of treatments are available

  • Modification with release:

If you do not use only free variables then the documents will be extracted and then archived for processing.

If the files are already extracted in the vault, they will remain in this state

The option 'Replace the most recent version of the file during archiving (from version 2017)' allows you to overwrite the latest version of the file during archiving.

  • SQL processing: in this case the files are not extracted and no additional version is taken. This task is performed with a SQL user and password.

- Limitation for use via SQL

If you are using attributes mapped with SOLIDWORKS properties, the SOLIDWORKS properties must not exist in the file because the file properties are taken over to inform them about the maps.

If the properties exist when the file is archived, we will overwrite the values you entered with PDMProperties.