When the report is launched from a contextual menu, the results of all queries (or actions) that have been selected in the settings are accessible in separate tabs.

You will find the parameters extracted by default as well as the columns corresponding to the variables that may have been selected (see Options PDMReport).

It is possible to scroll down the list by clicking on '+' or '-'.-'.

This results window will not appear if the report is triggered by a scheduled task.

From a right click on one or more selected files, it is possible to do some actions: launch the PDMViewer tool, open the file(s) in SOLIDWORKS, go to the directory of the selected file(s), extract check in or delete the selected file(s).


  • By clicking on 'Excel Export', all tabs will be exported to multiple Excel files if the option has been checked and using the selected Excel template in Options PDMReport.
  • By clicking on 'Export CSV', all tabs will be exported to multiple files in CSV format.