PDM allows you to add an external viewer to the explorer, however, these settings do not affect the built-in tab Overviewwhich displays a preview for most file types when the user selects a file in a vault.

The software PDMViewer can be used as an external viewer. To add PDMViewer to the list of viewers, here's the process.

In the administration:

  • Right-click on a user or group of users and select Settings.


  • Select Viewers on the left side:


  • Click on Add then fill in the following fields.

The field containing the extensions to be used with this viewer must be filled in, in the example below the extensions sldprt, sldasm and slddrw have been removed from the viewer eDrawings and have been added to the viewer PDMViewer.

You must also fill in the field containing the path and the viewer argument, in the example below it is :

C:\myPDMtools 2015 SP2\PDMViewer.exe '%1%'. 


Right-clicking on a compatible file adds a line in the context menu Display the file.


This also allows you to open PDMViewer instead of the default viewer when using the View from CopyLink.