After creating a PDM task TaskActions (See PDM Task), the actions to be carried out are then chosen.

The following actions can be selected :

  • TaskProperties which has several operation types for changing variables on a data card.
  • TaskProperties Free which has several types of operation for changing variables on a data card without versioning.
  • Rename which allows you to rename any type of file using the value of a variable.
  • DocPublication which allows you to convert files to a neutral format from Microsoft Office and/or SOLIDWORKS documents (See chapter DocPublication).
  • RevisionTable which allows you to maintain revision tables in SOLIDWORKS drawings from the PDM data (see chapter RevisionTable).
  • PDMRebuild which allows you to rebuild SOLIDWORKS files or PDM links to the latest version.
  • StampPDF which allows you to add a stamp or text to PDF files.

Two myCADtools tasks are available if you have a myCADtools license

Integration : Allows to launch an Integration treatment

DrawingTranslateAllows you to launch a process to translate drawings.

TaskProperties and RevisionTable, PDMRebuild, Integration and DrawingsTanslate tasks are necessarily located between an extraction task and an archiving task.


The actions are performed in the order in which they are in the list, so the arrows allow you to change the order of processing.