DXF color conversion :


This option allows to convert the colors of the drawing when converting to DXF.

Choose the initial and final color with this button .

Choose the initial color Choose the final color


All black elements in the drawing will be converted to red in the DXF.

Several colours can be added in this way.


Breaking up the blocks:

This option allows you to explode the blocks contained in the drawing.

Stand-alone note color :

Check this option to ignore the color conversion for the notes.

Multi-sheet drawing (DXF or DWG) :

This option allows when converting drawings to DXF or DWG to choose to export the sheets in three different ways.


  • Export active sheet only: A DXF file containing only the active sheet of the selected drawing.
  • Export all sheets in separate files: One DXF or DWG file per sheet.

For this option, the DocPublication automatically manages the name of each file by keeping the name of the export file defined in the options and by adding the sheet number (Ex: Name-01, Name-02, Name-03 etc...).

  • Export all sheets in one file: A DXF file containing all the sheets of the selected drawing.
  • All named sheets in separate DXF documents.

The name(s) of the sheet(s) to be exported are defined in the option below, use ; to put several names and you can use the wildcard *.