myPDMtools 2024 SP0- December 2023 :


       AM172778: Add option to make hidden tools reappear

       BG160089: SQL problem with different driver versions


       AM171324: Added the ability to use CardActions-DynamicList tasks on any card type (template, folder, etc.).

       AM177178: Manage Extract and Archive actions at launch on a card that does not require these actions

       AM181794: Added the ability to use CardActions-TaskProperties on template cards



       AM167654: Improved progress bar in file copy mode

       BG160670: Support for free variable update option in SQL mode (Latest version, all versions)

       BG175797: When using customized menus, prohibit 0 minutes of processing time.



       AM181419: Added option to output only drawings in the same folder as the part

       AM181685: Add an automatic \ when selecting a folder in the document bundle export location

       BG174664: PDF documents are not archived in PDM when generation folder location contains leading spaces


       AM181686: Add the ability to select a folder via a button ... in export location

       BG176770: Export types don't work in naming rules


       AM176524: Added the ability to create a custom query

       BG177203: Report displays only first 64 characters for variables


       BG180057: RPC error when archiving a document modified by TaskProperties when the office documents variable is connected to Custom Property

       BG173090: Unable to force uppercase value for PDM variable mapped to Office file