These settings must be made when creating the task.

Manipulation of the revision table will be triggered by a life cycle action.

If a revision table already exists, this table will be updated. If it does not exist and Add a revision table is not checked, then nothing will be inserted or modified.

The option: Maximum number of lines takes into account the total number of rows. (Header line for example)

  • Check the option Modification of the last line added if you want the document revision update to affect the last line of the table.
  • When a line must be added Insertion of linesthis one can be at the beginning of the table, i.e. by shifting the first line, or eventually of the table, that is to say, following the list already present.

The table header and title lines are included in the maximum number of rows.

  • In the event that the Add a revision table is checked, then it is possible to specify :
    • The line height in all cases. The unit of this height is to be expressed in metres.
    • The number of the sheet on which the revision table will be inserted (use the character * whether the table is to be inserted on all sheets or the separator ; to specify multiple sheets.
    • The revision table template you will have saved (.sldrevtbt). The columns in the table template must match the variables defined in the task .
    • The anchor point of the table.
    • If the header is at the top or bottom of the revision table.
    • Force the 'Independent sheet style' option

Inserting the table on all sheets may require the use of this option.

This option will force the options of the document plan.

This option is not compatible with the use of PDM revision tables.


Possible life cycle diagram :


On the transition New revisionAdd an action to add a line to the revision table.


On the transition Proceed to approveAdd an action allowing the modification of a line on the revision table (adding the validation date, adding the checker, adding the comment on the revision, etc.).