The general technical organization of PDM Gateway can be presented in the following way:


The principal parts are the following ones:

  • Work stations SW PDM:
    • These stations are equipped with the customer PDM (PDM DAC Editor or PDM Contributor)
    • Treatment PDM Gateway for the transfers of PDM towards the ERP, can be carried out in any station equipped with the customer PDM (PDM DAC Editor or PDM Contributor)
    • In option, the station customer generates the SOLIDWORKS plans with format PDF and export them towards the platform of exchanges

  • The server PDM:
    • It is the server Enterprise standard PDM as defined by SOLIDWORKS
    • It is composed of the application PDM server, the database PDM and the safes
    • Note:
      • Various possibilities of installation of these elements not having impact on the interface PDM Gateway, we consider that the server PDM is installed on only one and even machine

  • The platform of exchanges:
    • It is about a Windows folder in which the “neutral” files of exchanges are deposited (écrit/lu by the PDM and the ERP)
    • One also finds there the folder of Archives and the folder of the files log of treatment

  • Environment of setting of PDM Gateway:
    • Environment of setting of PDM Gateway is the whole of the data allowing to parameterize the interface
    • These data are stored in the database of Enterprise PDM