Here are the new features of the 2021 version:

2021 SP0

  • General :

       AM108000: Add Gateway processing task start and end notifications

AM101236: Added a PDM Gateway GetFile tool that allows access to the file in the PDM vault from ERP

  • Export Documentary TechCenter :

       AM100542: Added the possibility to manage the name of the exported file.

       AM109145: Add the list of notification templates and set the template to be used by default.

       AM109296: Added an option to automatically archive documents after a number of days after publication.

       AM109392: Automatically retrieve the level of rights

       AM109396: Take into account the versioning option for documents available from version V10 onwards.

       AM109462: Add links to the TechCenter Explorer and Workspace from the Settings menu.

       AM51529: Added the ability to rename files when transferring to TechCenter.

       BG107062: Unable to publish to a moovapps Techcenter database with a large folder tree structure

       BG109601: moovapps TechCenter notifications do not work if the user ID is not an email address.

  • Export :

       BG106622: CSV export of a nomenclature present in SOLIDWORKS files does not work

       AM107883: Addition of a XSL transformation for the link to Audros

       BG107358: Error when exporting in multi-level mode, no article is exported and the path is entered in the BOM name.