Here are the new features of the 2020 version:

2020 SP2

General :

AM101236: Added a PDM Gateway GetFile tool that allows access to the file in the PDM vault from ERP

AM97854: Added option to run an executable for each generated XML file.

AM94863: XSL update for exchange to Divalto

2020 SP1

Export Module :

AM95959:Put a message to indicate that the filters are analyzed in order and the first one that meets the condition is returned.

AM95562:In the BOM export filter, the first valid filter is used, added buttons to raise or lower filters

BG95418:Impossible to rearrange the order of the variables correctly

AM94453: Export SOLIDWORKS added an option to export the BOM of all files that change state and not only the head assembly

AM92951 Export SOLIDWORKS added option to export the BOM from the 3D assembly file

2020 SP0

General :

AM85337: German language added to the tool

AM76973: License Management by Activation

AM79340: Compatibility SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020

Export Module :

AM73223: In the list of variables to export, added a syntax that allows to retrieve a variable value from the parent assembly in the component attributes.

BG82215: Exporting a welded part file does not create a BOM file.

BG84978: SOLIDWORKS BOM export, if a drawing has several assembly references, the export of the attributes of the parent assembly does not take into account the assembly that is used in the BOM

BG85726: A symmetrical part is considered to be an assembly head.