The general technical organization of PDM Gateway can be presented as follows:


The main parts are as follows:

  • SW PDM workstations :
    • These workstations are equipped with the PDM client (PDM CAD Editor or PDM Contributor).
    • process PDM Gateway for transfers from PDM to ERP, can be carried out in any workstation equipped with the PDM client (PDM CAD Editor or PDM Contributor)
    • Optionally, the client workstation generates SOLIDWORKS drawings in PDF format and exports them to the exchange platform.

  • The PDM server:
    • This is the standard Enterprise PDM server as defined by SOLIDWORKS.
    • It is composed of the PDM server application, the PDM database and the safes.
    • Note :
      • The different installation possibilities of these elements have no impact on the interface. PDM Gatewaywe consider that the PDM server is installed on a single machine.

  • The exchange platform:
    • This is a Windows folder in which "neutral" exchange files are stored (written/read by the PDM and by the ERP).
    • There is also the Archives folder and the processing log files folder.

  • The PDM Gateway setup environment :
    • The setting environment of Gateway PDM is the set of data used to configure the interface.
    • This data is stored in the Enterprise PDM database.