Crimping of stone with machining of the housing

Create all kinds of crimps by managing all parameters

This module makes it possible to place, in automatic and on several continuous surfaces, a series of stones of uniform or distinct sizes, according to several modes of distribution thus making it possible to satisfy the quasi-totality of the cases of the users.

Important This module requires working in the context of assembly.

Video presentation


Watch below a technical presentation of the tool Crimp.


Key features

  • Parameters allow the positioning of the stones and the calculation of the distance between the stones. The calculated distance between the stones can be taken from the top or bottom of the stone.
  • The placement of stones can be done along curves (2D or 3D) or on point sketches.
  • The machining of the housings can be done or not.
  • A type of stone strafing can be selected.
  • The choice of the size of the stones can be uniform or distinct.