Specify the name of the vault directory to be updated. the treatment will be recursive in the subfolders.

Select the Excel file containing the information to be updated. .


If the Excel file contains several sheets, the name of the one containing the columns with the information must be indicated.

The column name, case sensitive, containing the name of the file in the vault must be filled in.

Order of treatment :

       - Search from Excel - Browse through each line of the Excel file and search the file in PDM.

       - Trunk Search - Browse each file in PDM and search the Excel file for a match.

Names of 'Date' type columns: To fill in date type fields, it is possible to specify the name of the column that contains this type of field.

When several columns are of type Data, the separator ; can be used

Format of the Excel file :

Each column of the file allows you to fill in the PDM attributes, just fill in the first line with the name of the PDM attribute.

Some columns allow you to manage the tool options, for example :

The file identifier is contained in the column Name